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Absentee Voting


You will receive in the mail your absentee ballot and three envelopes. (See the image below.)

Absentee Ballot Process

1. Complete the ballot.

2. Seal the ballot in the plain envelope ("secrecy envelope").

3. Place the plain secrecy envelope inside the official affidavit envelope

4. Seal the affidavit envelope and complete the affidavit (or oath) that is on the outside of the envelope with your signature.

5. Obtain 2 witness (18 years or older) signatures or have a notary public stamp/sign the affidavit.

If you need a witness or notary, contact us!

7. Place the signed and sealed affidavit envelope inside the pre-addressed outer envelope and seal it up!  If you are mailing the ballot in, don't forget the postage.  It costs $1.20 to mail the absentee ballot.

If you cannot afford postage, contact us!

Mail your application
by Oct. 29!


Complete application and ballot all at once in person.


Hand-deliver your own ballot by 5pm on Nov. 2

You can track your ballot online at

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