Auburn City Council Candidate Forum to be held on August 12th
The League of Women Voters of East Alabama (LWVEA) and the O-A News will host an Auburn City Council Candidate Forum on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.The forum will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the Auburn First Baptist Church at 128 E. Glenn Ave. beginning at 6PM and concluding at 8PM. The event will be open to all members of the community.

The forum will be moderated and will include brief introduction/comments (90 seconds per candidate) regarding the upcoming election and subsequent council term followed by a question and answer period. The questions will be asked by the moderator and will include questions prepared by the League as well as those submitted by the audience in writing. The event will conclude with a Meet & Greet Session (by ward) to allow for one-on-one time with constituents.

Please join us for this important event!

Auburn City Council Election is Set for Tuesday, August 26th
Remember to bring your photo ID to the polls!
Here is a list of candidates (I indicates Incumbent):
Mayor - Bill Ham (I) (unopposed)
Ward 1 - Arthur Dowdell (I) and Clemon Byrd
Ward 2 - Ron Anders (I) (unopposed)
Ward 3 - Beth Witten and Wendell McLain (no incumbent)
Ward 4 - Brent Beard (I) (unopposed)
Ward 5 - Robin Kelley (I) and Lynda Tremaine
Ward 6 - Dick Phelan (I) and Brad Donnelly
Ward 7 - Gene Dulaney (I) (unopposed)
Ward 8 - Tommy Dawson (unopposed, no incumbent)

 Photo Voter ID Law: Documents from the LWV of Alabama
Fact Sheet: What you need to know to get a Photo Voter ID Card
Examples of Identity Documents
Here is a copy of the booklet from the Alabama Secretary of State that outlines the new photo ID law.

2014 Guide to Your Government
This is our comprehensive guide to contact information for local, state and federal governments.

Legislative Forum for Lee County Delegates held on January 27th
About 60 people attended the LWVEA Legislative Forum held on Monday, January 27th, in the Auburn City Council Chambers. LWVEA League member Ms. Barbara Patton moderated the two-hour forum. Delegates who participated were Speaker Mike Hubbard, Sen. Billy Beasley, Sen. Gerald Dial, Rep. Mark Tuggle and Rep. Pebblin Warren. Questions were prepared by League members and were also submitted by audience members. The panel was asked about 15 questions ranging from the Alabama Accountability Act and public schools to midwifery and a spay/neuter bill. Other topics included Common Core, Payday Loan Reform, Medicaid, Tutweiler Prison, Open Meetings Law and Constitutional Reform.

Here is a link to the article as well as an editorial in the O-A News.

Past LWVEA Voters:  
March 2014       February 2014
January 2014   November 2013
October 2013   September 2013  
August 2013    July 2013

Calendar of Events

Five O'Clock Socials We are looking for a new location near downtown Auburn to continue our social events. Updates soon!

July 28 (Monday) - Board Meeting 660 East Lane at 5:30PM. All members are welcome to attend. 

August 12 - Auburn City Council Candidate Forum Join us at Auburn First Baptist Church at 128 E. Glenn from 6-8PM. We will have a moderated Question & Answer session followed by time for one-on-one conversations with the candidates. Free and open to the public.

August 13 (Wednesday) - Hot Topics Lunch
We will meet at Toomer's Coffee on South College from 11AM until 12:30PM. All members are welcome and encouraged to visit and chat.

August 26 (Tuesday) - Auburn City Council Elections All positions are up for re-election. Candidates to be determined. Photo ID will be required.

August 28 (Thursday) - Auburn University Coalition for the Advancement of Women in Public Office Starting at 4PM. More information will be posted soon.

September 17 (Wednesday) - Naturalization Ceremony at Auburn University The LWVEA will be on hand to register new citizens! Volunteers are welcome!

September 23 (Tuesday) - National Voter Registration Day The LWVEA will be at a few locations to register voters and update voter addresses. Volunteers are welcome! More info to come...

 Tailgate @ the Library
The LWVEA is all set to register voters at the Draughon Library on the Auburn campus! This looks GREAT!!!

Photo Voter ID Law - Update
The Alabama Secretary of State (SoS) has issued the final rules for the Photo Voter ID Law. The LWVEA is pleased with the response by the SoS and his colleagues as most of the concerns put forth by the League were addressed. The final document may be found on the Secretary of State's website. The first time photo ID will be required is in June 2014.

We Need Your Help!
The LWVEA now has active Facebook and Twitter accounts that already have posts and tweets. We need you to go to these sites and "Like" or "Follow" the LWVEA to increase our public presence and to join in the dialogue.

We also need suggestions of who/what to follow.  The LWVEA is already following several news outlets, local politicians and other Leagues but we can always add more! Send a message to
@lwveastal to make suggestions.

We will meet at Toomer's Coffee on South College from 11AM until 12:30PM. All members are welcome and encouraged to visit and chat.

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